During the broadcast Minecon Earth, where we were shown new mobs, which we chose to vote between mobs. We were shown a mob C – “A terrible famine”, which will be added to the updated Minecraft on the phone.

On Twitter, beta testers can be seen how this mob in Minecraft works and what it will be, that is, it has already been introduced into the game. As you can see, this creature will eat the sheep, as well as their resources that fall out of them.

It should be noted that the appearance of a hungry in Minecraft new version will match the biome, from which it will change the coloring. While walking around the world, you will be able to stumble upon its larger version of which will have more HP.

With this innovation you will now protect not only the inhabitants in the villages from marauders, but also sheep. Therefore, call your friends and play together, for the two of them defend the world of MCPE easier.

In future versions of Minecraft PE, we will add stones and vegetation on the tree, as well as shaders, because if you look carefully at this gif, you will find stones there, and behind the trees you see something growing.

In addition, you can still notice how the grass behind it moves, which means that the super duper graphics pack is not far.

I came across one person who posted a screen from Minecraft Bedrock Edition site –, who liked Beta Minecraft Tester. And in this screen you can see vegetables. Also on top we can see the numbers 1.12, most likely this future version.
He also shows the interface of a block from the new Minecraft, where he put the vegetables.

In the new “pathologic 2” will soon be able to adjust the complexity of the game

The creators of the new “pathologic 2” (partially released on Steam on May 23) announced that with the next major update, a flexible complexity setting will appear, since the final product was too complicated for many players.
Although the authors of Ice-Pick Lodge conceived “pathologic 2” as a “heavy, tedious, grinding bone” game that does not look gloomy only on the cover, they still believe in “player freedom”, so they decided to make it possible to correct the complexity.
While the developers do not say what exactly can be customized, but even with the changes in mind, they hope that the players will not make the project too easy, thus losing the main idea.
And it consists of three principles:
the character is always on the verge of death, but is able to overcome it
for the sake of survival, the player will have to sacrifice some plot content, so each passage will be “imperfect”
the player studies his own egoism and sometimes deliberately acts “wrong” – for example, taking medicine that can save someone’s life.
An update with a difficulty setting will be released in the next two to three weeks.
While for the new “pathologic 2” only the Garuspika script is available, the other two will appear over time, and with it the game is also preparing for release on PS4 and Xbox One (it will appear on the Xbox Game Pass at the exit).